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Pressure balance valve/ Trim kits

Trim kits are the parts except the concealed control valve of the products. They are the items that you will see after the installation of the whole faucet. They show the dedicate outlooks for the product which brilliant your shower room; but these parts also suffer the temperature, moisture and even the outcome touch that might scratch to their bright surfaces. So, the finish quality becomes an important issue for trim kits of shower faucet. Besides following wide range of trim kits, we are capable and with great pleasure to design the very unique parts for our customers.

1. Shower head

Brass shower heads

Plastic message shower heads

  002-43-16 002-43-06 002-43-13 43-42C-409 43-02-953 43-15C-977

Plastics shower heads

  43-39C-953 43-01W-965 43-03C-426 43-30C-977 43-43C-409

Brass body jet

Brass grand shower arm

  43-41C-002 43-40C-002 12-4007C-921 +39-006-301

Sturdy enlarged shower arm for square shower head

2. Sleeve

  Chrome Oil brown satin PVD Chocolate Satin nickel Copper

3. Handle

3.1  for ceramic cartridge ( Joy-stick operation )

C501 C801 C901 C819 C823

3.2  for washerless and BC valve (Ceramic cartridge with Swivel operation )

C010 C130 C210 C140 C440
C470 C802 C902 C200 C230
C491 C490 C502    

4. Spout

Zinc spout

Brass spout

04-003-301 +
04-4101-942 04-003-301 +
04-003-301 +

with Diverter / Zinc spout

04-003-301 +

5. Escutcheon / no diverter

Size: 190mm diameter

C6009 C6505 C6508 C6005  

Size:175mm diameter

Size:175mm diameter

Size: square

C4007 C3002 C6952

6. Escutcheon / with diverter

Size: 190mm diameter

Size: square

C6554 C6555 C6558 C6552 C6008

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