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Pressure Balance Valve

Tub and shower faucet
Tub and shower faucet/Pressure balance valve

A pressure balance shower valve is designed to compensate for changes in water pressure. It is a sophisticated plumbing device installed in a tub and shower faucet for the purpose of keeping the water temperature of the shower constant, within plus or minus 2 to 3 degrees F., by reducing water flow through either the hot or cold supply. Though it looks like any other shower or tub valve from the outside, it has a special piston mechanism inside that moves with a change in water pressure to immediately balance the pressure of the hot and cold water inputs, even the hot and cold supply pressure is greatly changed. Without a device to compensate the pressure changing for shower faucet would lead to an unexpected temperature rising that might cause scalding accidence. Aging person and children could overreact to sudden extreme cold water from showerhead by pressure changing supply sources and might cause a problem.

With a precisely made special device in pressure balance valve, it will automatically compensate the sudden and possibly unsafe pressure changing in shower water from both hot and cold water, to a result of only ± 3.6°F slightly temperature fluctuation for the shower water output. This remarkable valve would prevent people from scalding during showering while unstable water supply occurred.

Sudden and possibly unsafe water temperature change in shower faucet is just because: someone in the house turn on the laundry faucet, sink service faucet, flush the toilet; poor and old piping system create the clogging condition in unexpected moment. Well flow pipeline will be preferred for the valve installation to keep it in good working performance and offer you a comfortable shower experience.


Products certification

SAI Gloabl Quality-ISO-9001 cUPC ASSE 1016 WaterSense   



  1. Forged brass and casting bronze waterway body
  2. Stainless steel pressure balance devise
  3. Adjustable stop for maximum temperature setting.
  4. Maintain in ± 3.6°F temperature fluctuation of output water while sudden pressure change for both hot and cold water supply.
  5. Back to back function with patented stop device for easy correction of the opposite hot and cold water connection.
  6. Washerless and ceramic control valve option.
  7. Prevention for scalding accidence while hot and cold supply pressure changed
  8. Water output turn to extreme minimum as supply failure of both sources
  9. ASSE 1016-P and cUPC, the USA and Canadian standards certification
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