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Solenoid valve is an active element used in liquid or gas piping system which controlled by electric power to operate open/shut function through the activated of solenoid coil. With this capabilities of remote control, solenoid valve is widely applied in automatic control system as simply open/ shut or more complicate for flow direction and flow rate changing, or different flow condition sifting by combination control piping system with numerous solenoid valves. It offers fast and reliabilities in complicate control requirements. Hsien Chang produce high reliability solenoid valve with :Leader; branded to provide you a best choice for usage as description above.


The Main Features of The LEADER solenoid valves

1. Valve Structure:
The LEADER branded solenoid valve is constructed of Direct Acting ,Spring Return, Normally Closed diaphragm type driven by the plunger activated by the magnetism induced from the coils above the body.

2. Valve Body:
The body is made of Forged Brass for durability and free of any pin hole or porosity of the defects which may usually occurred in the body made by casting.

3. Stem / Shaft:
Made of the corrosive resistant material stainless steel for better corrosive resistance and higher degree of precision for fitting with the other mating parts for longer operation.

4. Diaphragm:
The virgin rubber material of NBR or EPDM / Viton upon request for the diaphragm make it most reliable for long and durable operation.

5. Coils:
The coils, which are dust proof or water proof as option, are of IP65 protection and the solenoid valves are set for test in full compliance with Electromagnetic EMC performance of CE standards.

6. Connection:
The inlet and outlet are of threaded ends conforming to NPT,BSPT or BSPP which are precisely machined and well gauged for mating with ANSI / BSP threaded pipes or fittings as required by the customers.

solenoid cutaway
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