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Thermostatic valve

Shower faucet

A tub and shower faucet with thermostatic control valve can deliver the mixed warm water in a constant and comfortable temperature within a tiny fluctuation of ± 3°F vs. the preset temperature. This is a device that not only automatically control the output water temperature in constant, but can also precisely set the temperature of discharged water that will comfort you during showering. No quite hotter or colder water will comes out from faucet even when the flow rate for both hot or cold water supply has an abrupt change.

The changing of hot and cold water flow rate for a shower faucet is possible while someone in the house turn on the laundry faucet, sink service faucet, flush the toilet; this kind of water usage ( most cases are the cold water ) will affect the output of any other water supply at least at the start moment. Thermostatic valve can automatically compensate the variation of cold or hot water inlet to a certain ratio momentarily to cope with the condition as mentioned above. This feature provides the function of prevention for scalding accident while showering; especially for young children or elder persons who might not so agility to deal with the sudden hotter or colder water from shower head.


Products certification

QMI cUPC ASSE 1016 WaterSense



  1. Reliable casting bronze waterway body.
  2. Stable and accurate temperature setting maintain in ± 3°F to set up water temperature FSoutput in spite of the changing ratio of cold and hot water inlet.
  3. Adjustable safe stop for maximum temperature setting.
  4. Easy for maintenance thermostatic cartridge and volume control cartridge.
  5. High flow rate performance.
  6. ASSE 1016 -T and cUPC, the USA and Canadian standards certification.
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