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Hsien Chang Metals Co.,Ltd

Hsien Chang Metals Co., Ltd.(HCM), founded in 1980 in Changhua, Taiwan, one of the Taiwan's leading faucets manufacturers of home improvement and building products. At that time, we launched the first introduction of the single-handle faucet in Taiwan. HSIEN CHANG Metal Co., Ltd, Taiwan's Faucet Innovation Leader,offers an extensive line of residential and commercial products, incorporating style and innovation into faucets.We are professional manufacturer of high quality plumbings, fixtures, and bathroom accessories. Such as pressure balanced mixing valve and thermostatic mixing valve for tub and shower faucets, commercial faucets, kitchen and lavatory faucets.

We are famous for long devotion in innovation and improvement for pressure balance valve, and earn the leading unique position for manufacturing of this products in Taiwan.Hsien Chang is actually a symbol of high level quality pressure balance valve recognized by most of the customers who had made comprehensive survey for this product of critical function in this area. Their picky in evaluating the supplier for this item is based on a very simple reason: Function and reliabilities for pressure balance valve is quite a critical issue that need much more respect than common plumbing products. When you focus on this concern, you will naturally acknowledge us and willing to spend some more efforts to works close with us that might benefit to your business.

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Product Description With this excellent capabilities for making the precise and dedicated products, Hsien Chang is certainly capable of becoming the supplier of other wide variety of high level quality plumbing fixtures. Our main products are:

  • Pressure balanced tub & shower faucets
  • Thermostatic Mixing tub & shower faucets
  • Commercial faucets
  • Residential kitchen and bath faucets
  • OEM and ODM parts or products
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