Continuous lnnovation

Continuous Innovation & Product Improvement

This is a very popular slogan claimed by most of the companies, however it isn’t just an advertising text of Hsien Chang. The most apparent and measurable methods to our efforts on R&D is that we possess more than sixty patents applied in our products in Taiwan and United States. Ever since the establishment of Hsien Chang, we keep continuously developing and making improvement for our products, especially the pressure balanced and thermostatic control valves which need to be precisely fabricated not only for each part but also for the assembly workmanship. We make our best efforts to construct the products to reach a goal of high quality level plumbings and faucets. It comes from the commencing of design instead of only apply the inspection and testing to sort out the qualified items. We always devotes in making our faucets with accurate control, reliable performance and the most effective manufacturing process to offer our clients the valuable products with the most reasonable prices. The result shows that we keep the most of new and innovative products and can perfectly compatible in assembly with the old products we had made or sold before, even more they have been changed or modified through several revision. In addition, we have invested tremendous amount of budgets in R&D during the past decades. i.e. Numerous improvements have been made on our faucets, and the task will be kept running based on the principals of manufacturing the most outstanding plumbings to meet the client’s demand and requirements.

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